2013 National PAL Boxing Tournament

39th Annual National PAL Boxing Tournament

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[Monday, September 30th - Evening Bouts]

[Tuesday, October 1st - Noon Bouts]

[Tuesday, October 1st - Evening Bouts]

[Wednesday, October 2nd - Evening Bouts]

[Thursday, October 3rd - Evening Bouts]

[Friday, October 4th - Evening Bouts]

[Saturday, October 5th - Evening Bouts]

  • Belts Awarded in every division
  • All bouts will be streamed live on-line

Saturday, September 28th – Sunday, September 29th
Every boxer must check-in on these dates.
*Must be a US Citizen to compete in this tournament

September 30th – October 5th

[2013 National PAL Boxing Tournament Rules Packet]

[2013 National PAL Boxing Tournament Entry Packet]

Mens & Womens Elite Division (19 – 40) OPEN FACE HEADGEAR REQUIRED 
Open Division

Youth Male & Female Divisions (17 – 18)
Open Division

Senior Junior Male & Female Divisions (15 – 16)
Open Division

Intermediate Male & Female Divisions (13 – 14)
Open Division

Junior Male & Female Divisions (11 – 12)
Open Division

*This is an advancing tournament therefore there will not be any Novice Divisions offered.

  • Tito Lopez

    At what time the registration is going to be for the P.A.L.s on Saturday and Sunday?

    • admin

      The registration times are all in the packet now available online.

  • christine lopez

    where is the event taking place and what is the host hotel?

    • admin

      The tournament is taking place at Oxnard PAL and the information in regards to hotel information can be found in the packets that are now available.

      • Edgar Berlanga

        I need all information

        • admin

          All the information in regards to this tournament can be found in the packets that can be downloaded in the post.

        • andre

          Good luck atlantic city p.al

  • Aaron Sloan

    Are the 15-16 year olds advancing and if so to where ?

    • admin

      This tournament is ranking points tournament, all winners will be turned in to USA Boxing for appropriate points distribution. As far as the schedule on advancing USA Boxing has not released that yet.

  • Terry Feagin

    Need all information

    • admin

      The rules packet and entry forms were just posted.

  • http://floridasilvergloves@yahoo.com Mike Murphy

    Hello, we need entry info ASAP, must submit paperwork to my employer for approval, it is time sensitive. Thank you very much, Mike

    • admin

      The rules packet and entry forms were just posted. They can now be downloaded.

  • Chris

    Can you enter without a coach?

    • admin

      You need to have a US Boxing certified coach in your corner for all of your bouts.

  • Candelario Lopez

    Rule questions.
    National PAL ‘Fact Sheet’ has that male athlete may have a mustache. Per USA Boxing 2013 rules- Male athletes must be clean shaven.
    National PAL ‘Fact Sheet’ has that trunks must have a contrasting waist color than top. Per USA Boxing 2013 rules- Athletes must wear red or blue uniforms.

    • admin

      As you know USA Boxing rules have changed and continue to change year to year. So we still struggle to update our rules, with that said USA Boxing Rules will govern this event. Thank you and please refer to your USA Boxing Rule Book for the rules.

  • Jonny Toews

    For registration and weight check on Saturday/Sunday- do the fighters need to be on weight or within 2 pounds or something else? Or do they only need to be on weight the day of their bouts. The fact sheet isn’t specific to this.

    • admin

      There is no official weigh-in at registration there will be a test scale available to the boxers. At check-in/registration every boxer must declare weight, and they only need to weigh-in on the day they box.

  • Manny Flores

    Do all divsions need open face headgear, or just specifically the Mens Elite divsion?

    • admin

      All divisions need to have open face headgear in every division for every bout.

  • Ali Nasser

    For each boxer (1) , 2 coaches are required. Is that true?

    • admin

      Every Boxer must have at least ONE (1) USA Boxing Certified Coach in their corner. A Team of 7 or less are allowed up to TWO (2) Coaches Credentials, and teams of 8 or more will be allowed up to THREE (3) Coaches Credentials. Credentials are only issued to USA Boxing Certified Coaches.

  • Ali Nasser

    May I send my entry form in the mail, but pay the registration fee later during the 2 days of registration
    (Sep. 28/29)?

    • admin

      A Pre-Registration is not complete until payment is received. If you mail your registration without payment and your division fills you may lose your spot due to an incomplete registration.

  • jn

    If I only have one fight can I compete in the
    Men’s 19-40 , 201+ super heavy weight ?
    There is no 201+ really in my area . I’m 29 250lbs.
    what level clinic is my coach sposed to be level 1 ok ?
    Is there going to be a lot of people in 201+ weight class?

    • admin

      - Because this is a OPEN National Ranking Tournament all Male Boxers must be classified as Open with a minimum of FIVE (5) Certified Scored Bouts.
      - The Coaches need to have a Current USA Boxing Coaches Passbook and have attended a Coaches Clinic with the past 2 years.
      - Unfortunately there is no way to tell how many people will be in a specific division at this time.

  • Carlos Carrillo

    Where can we register online? Or how can we make sure we get a spot?

    • admin

      Unfortunately we are unable to take online registrations. To reserve you spot in the tournament pre-register by simply filling out the entry forms (available for download on this webiste) and mail them to:
      National PAL Boxing Tournament
      C/O: Oxnard PAL
      555 South A Street, Suite 265
      Oxnard, CA 93030

  • Nikki

    Do you know what days the women’s flyweight are going to be competing? Rough estimate? If I wanted to see the finals, what would be my best bet? Thanks.

    • admin

      Unfortunately we are unable to determine what days any division will be boxing until after the close of registrations. The bout sheets will be uploaded daily to let everyone know who is boxing that day. Typically all finals are held Friday and Saturday.

  • derrick reed

    Who is the host hotel and what is address ?

    • admin

      Hampton Inn
      Channel Islands Harbor
      3231 Peninsula Road
      Oxnard, CA 93035
      (Additional contact information and hotel amenities can be found in the Boxing Rules packet on page 5)

  • chayanne

    the official weight in for boxer is day they scheduled to compete or days of registration

    • admin

      The weight that you declare at registration is the weight you need to be at everyday you compete.

  • chay

    do u have to be on weight on registration or example if your bout is wed dats day u need be on the weight u picked

    • admin

      The weight that you declare at registration is the weight you need to be at everyday you compete.

  • kristyn

    Will the fights be on live stream?

    • admin

      Yes all bouts will live streamed here at oxnardpalboxing.com

  • Paula

    What is the correct number to call to speak to a live person about the packets that our boxing gym mailed in? I need to speak to someone ASAP.

    • admin

      You can call (805) 385-8230 for any further information. Thank you.

  • Chay

    When will we kno when we fight and what about walkovers

    • admin

      We are unable to predict a time when the brackets will be finalized. However there is a mandatory boxers and coaches meeting Sunday, September 29th (tomorrow) at 4:00pm the tournament officials will be able to explain the process at that time.

  • Chloe Beardsley

    Do unapprosed boxer have to weigh in?

    • admin

      Because this is a national ranking tournament all unopposed boxers will have to weigh in, the date is yet to be determined

  • ruben

    where are the bout sheets for the tournament!? brackets

    • admin

      The bouts sheets have just been posted. They will be posted as they come in on the column on the right hand side of the main page. Thank you.

  • Chay

    Awaiting the brackets also do unnoposed champions still get belt n ranking points if so how much

    • admin

      The brackets will not be posted on the website only the bout sheets which will be up within the hour. Yes, all champions will receive a belt.

  • eloyd

    Is there going to be a morning session today?

    • admin

      No, there is only one session this evening.

  • boxing mom

    how do we find the live stream to watch the fights on your page???

    • admin

      The streams were just added. You can catch all the action here at oxnardpalboxing.com

  • nancy

    is there any way we will be able to watch online?

    • admin

      Yes, you can watch all the bouts here at oxnardpalboxing.com

  • JJ

    Can you use headgear with cheeks? If not, can the open headgear be color black? Or does it have to be in blue or red?

    • admin

      CORRECTION the officials just announced that you CAN use either head gear and the color doesn’t matter.

  • John Thomas

    where can the brackets be viewed and were ranked boxers seeded

    • admin

      The brackets can viewed here at the venue (Oxnard PAL) and the rankings will be determined after the tournament.

  • Alex

    Where is the link to watch the on-line streaming of the fights. I can’t seem to find it…

    • admin

      The bouts will be streaming here on oxnardpalboxing.com. We just added the streams.

  • BillyMack

    Where is the link to tonights bought?

    • admin

      The bouts will be streaming here on oxnardpalboxing.com

  • larry

    What time will the fights for the next day be posted on http://www.oxnardpalboxing.com?

    • admin

      They are now posted, sorry for the delay.

      • larry

        Will they be posted nightly?

  • Admin

    The bout sheets are posted on the homepage. I just scanned the bout sheets for tonight, and I do not see an Erick Castro.

  • larry

    I was told that they will be posting who will be fighting the night before is that true or did they change that?

  • Marsha

    When will the results of Thursday’s fights be published?

    • admin

      They were just posted.

  • JJ

    Do 11-12 year olds or 13-14 year olds advance to another tournament?

    • admin

      They will receive National points and those points will be registered with USA Boxing and be counted toward their National Ranking.

  • Chay

    When will the rankings be updated and will points be added to previous ranking

    • admin

      Unfortunately we do not have that information, please defer to usaboxing.org