The Oxnard Police Activities League (PAL) is a member of the California Police Athletic League (CAL-PAL), a non-profit 501(c)(3) statewide organization. The Oxnard PAL was established in April 1994. The Oxnard PAL is a city-wide program which provides outreach to local at risk youth to build positive relationships between youth, police officers and the community.


The Oxnard PAL program seeks to foster a bond of mutual trust and understanding between police officers and young people by enabling them to interact in a non-confrontational setting. Educational, cultural and recreational activities are offered to the youth with emphasis placed on reaching those “at-risk”. PAL’s long term mission is to divert the youth away from gangs and criminal activity by bringing them alternative activities under the care and supervision of trained police officers, recreation staff, and parent and community volunteers.


  • To provide youth an opportunity to grow under the sustained guidance of dedicated adults.
  • To instill in youth a respect and understanding for law enforcement officers & for the laws they uphold.
  • To assist youth in developing self-esteem and provide them with skills to help them stay in school.
  • To involve police, parents and community volunteers in a personal commitment of time and energy to the youth of the community.


Your tax deductible contribution to Oxnard PAL, a nonprofit public corporation, will allow us to continue providing guidance, values and programs for kids.